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Hero of the Week

We pass by heroes every day. Some are people who put their neck on the line every day to protect and serve the people of Warren County. Others are people that volunteer countless hours to public serviceā€¦enriching lives and changing the landscape for the better. That's why 960 WBMC is recognizing these often un sung heroes with our 960 WBMC Hero of the Week. From firefighters and police officers to volunteers in all walks of life...WBMC will highlight a person and their impact on Warren County each Monday at 8:45 AM on "Town Talk". Folks will nominate people for the Hero of the Week on or by sending a letter to 960 WBMC. Address the letter to 960 WBMC c/o "Hero of the Week", 230 West Colville Street McMinnville, TN 37110. This will feature the person nominated and also the reason why this person deserves to be named Hero of the Week. Listen every Monday at 8:45 on WBMC's "Town Talk" a new Hero of the Week will be named. Each "hero" will receive a WBMC prize packā€¦.and the recognition of a job well done in our community.

Hero of the Week is brought to you by:

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Charles "Big A" Blair, a Grange Insurance Agent

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