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More Flu Cases
Friday January 2, 2015

Health care providers are urging Tennesseans to increase your efforts to prevent flu and flu-related threats by getting immunized. Since 2007, there have been 29 pediatric flu-related deaths recorded in Tennessee, including three this past December, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared a flu epidemic with the number of deaths that have already occurred this season. The CDC is still urging people who have not yet been vaccinated to get their flu shot, which is recommended for nearly everyone over the age of six months.


Fewer Teens Aging Out of Foster Care
Friday January 2, 2015

Progress is being reported in Tennessee as the number of foster children who are aging out of the system without finding a forever home is trending down.
Michael Leach, director of independent living with the Department of Childrens Services, says fewer than 1,000 turned 18 and aged out last year, down from around 1,200 over the past five years.
Leach says overall, there are about 8,000 children and young people of all ages in the Tennessee foster care system at any given time. Leach notes that in Tennessee, foster youth who are enrolled in higher education can opt back into the system until they're 21 to continue receiving services and key support in areas such as housing, employment skills and education.


Lawmaker Wants Civics Required
AP Friday January 2, 2015

A state lawmaker thinks high school students should pass a civics test before they are allowed to graduate.
The civics test is the one immigrants must pass before they can become a U.S. citizen.
The bill was filed by House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, who said students should score at least a 60 on the test in order to graduate.
Some other states have passed similar laws.
Tennessee lawmakers will discuss the bill later this month.


WCHS Basketball
Jay Walker Friday January 2, 2015

The Warren County Pioneers and Lady Pioneers return to regular season action Friday night as they take on the Coffee County Red Raiders and Lady Raiders in Manchester.
The girls' game tips off at 6pm at Coffee County Central High School.


Cell Phone Scam
Thursday January 1, 2015

Investigators are cracking down on the latest scam to hit Middle Tennessee, one that tries to frame the victims for a federal crime. It is called Ransomware.
Several people have reported that their computers locked up and a message appeared saying it will remain locked until the victim sends $500. Authorities say the virus is attacking Android cell phones. It locks the phone up and in some cases tells the user the FBI has flagged the phone or computer for pornographic material.
One place that a number of the viruses are thought to be getting on the computers and phones is from downloading music videos.
To avoid falling victim, law enforcement advises you to keep your phone settings so that data can't be downloaded and installed without your permission. Keep your phone's software as up-to-date as possible. And download anti-virus and malware apps that are available in your app store.


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