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Gas Prices
Tuesday September 27, 2016

Gasoline prices in Tennessee are letting up after a leak in the Colonial Pipeline suppressed gasoline supplies in six states.
During the 12-day shutdown to line one, the state average price rose 17 cents in Tennessee. Since restoring the flow to line one last Wednesday, the state average in Tennessee is fractions of a penny less.
AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said it could take a couple of weeks, but prices should eventually return to levels seen before the leak, then fall in line with other states as they follow a downward trend through the rest of the year.
The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.20. Tennessee's average is $2.16, six cents higher than a week ago and 15 cents higher than a month ago.


Man Claiming to be Clown Arrested
Tuesday September 27, 2016

A Coffee County man was arrested over the weekend after telling authorities he was the clown who has been threatening children.
Authorities say 64 year old George Randy Hoppe called dispatchers stating he was going to harm children. He also threatened to harm the dispatcher.
An investigation by officers led them to Hoppe's home in Manchester. He was arrested and charged with stalking. His bond was set at $100,000 and he will appear in court on Oct. 24th.


Property Rights Voting
Jay Walker Tuesday September 27, 2016

All four incorporated cities within Warren County are holding municipal elections on November 8th. McMinnville, Morrison, Centertown and Viola allow property rights voting.
This means someone who lives outside the corporate limits of the municipality, yet owns real property within the city limits, is eligible to register and vote on that city property.
Those wanting to become property rights voters must register separately from their county registration by bringing proof of ownership-a copy of the deed- to the county Election Commission office by Tuesday, October 11th to complete the legal paperwork.
Anyone needing more information may call the Election Commission office at 473-5834.


Gunshot Death Number Incorrect
Tuesday September 27, 2016

A publicized report that Tennessee had 105 accidental gunshot deaths during 2014-more than any state in the nation-was wrong. There were actually just five such fatalities, according to the state Department of Health.
The Safe Tennessee Project initially reported the 105 fatalities earlier this month, saying the surprisingly high figure had been verified at the time by both the federal Center for Disease Control an d the Department of Health.


Changes to Affect 100K Tennesseans
AP Tuesday September 27, 2016

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is withdrawing from the Affordable Care Act marketplace in the Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville regions. In a news release, the company says the change will affect an estimated 100,000 Tennesseans.
The decision comes a month after Tennessee officials approved an average rate increase of 62 percent for the insurer.
The company says it has lost close to $500 million on Affordable Care Act plans over three years.
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee will continue selling ACA plans in other regions of the state. The change will not affect seniors with Medicare Advantage plans, those enrolled in BlueCare or anyone who has insurance through an employer.
The company says it will continue to evaluate the ACA marketplace, including a possible return to offering plans statewide in 2018.



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